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Julie is sitting to your left, and she hasn't used a computer much, so she is completely lost and confused.Brad is sitting to your right and seems to be learning quite a bit from the instructor.Differentiating the content helps the teacher reach numerous students regardless of their present skills and learning styles.The next aspect of the classroom that teachers can differentiate is process, which is when students work on the information the teacher has given to them.An example of process is when the students are doing homework or in-class activities.Teachers can assign multiple projects that are very different from each other in order to appeal to different skill levels and learning styles.

It's important to note that differentiated instruction does not mean that a separate lesson plan is developed for every single student.This scenario is an example of when a teacher would want to use .Differentiated instruction is a teaching method in which teachers adapt their instruction to accommodate a variety of learning needs.For example, teachers can create stations within the classroom, and each station has a different activity.Students could either choose which station to work at or the teacher could require them to go to each one.

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