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Doris Kellman, 31, a social worker, grew up in a small town with only 250 Jewish families.The Reform temple was the focal point of Jewish life, providing a sense of community and a way to express her religion.A great deal of the environmental legislation that protects our marine environment comes from the European Union.The best way to ensure that we continue building on the progress that has already been made is to protect Scotland’s place within the EU.Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, including in Aberdeenshire and the Western Isles, where fishing is still a big part of the rural economy.My colleagues in the Scottish Government are focused on doing all that they can to give effect to the democratic will of the Scottish people and to maintain our relationship with the EU."Even today, my husband is more correct and more polite than the average Israeli, and so am I." Still, despite the variables, there is surprising agreement among the American wives — similar reactions and observations, and shared experiences that reveal the differences between American and Israeli outlooks.

"The fact that I'm not Israeli gives them a wedge for reminding me that I don't really know how things are done here," she says .

Not only do you have a husband who speaks the language and who knows his way around the country, you also have his family, whose presence should help to smooth the process of adjustment. The reality, as conversations with more than 20 American women married to Israelis reveal, is different.

The baggage of cultural mores and behavioral patterns the husbands bring to the relationship may complicate, not help, these intercultural marriages. The woman who came to Israel out of idealistic convictions at age 18, meeting and marrying her husband there, has a different experience from the one who met her husband while he was in the United States and came to Israel only because of him.

Like many Israelis who are "secular" Jews, the fact that his country is a Jewish state is enough.

Its day of rest is the Jewish Sabbath, its state holidays are the Jewish holidays, its language is Hebrew.

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