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The next step was making a "button and loop" style fastening with pulling a little wooden stick, small stone, bead or real button fitted at one end, through a loop made of the other end of the beading material.This method with buttons we see till now with, among other, necklaces from Bedouin, South- Africa and Nagaland, a small state in the northeast of India, high up in the foothills of the Himalaya.Screw fasteners are mostly made of metal, but we encounter them often made of plastic, wood, amber, ivory or bone, the same material as the beads of the necklace. To make it easy to remember: "The male is active, the female is passive".Then turn the necklace with the clasp to your neck.By the way, this is a perfect solution for people with an allergy to certain types of metal, like nickel allergy which is very common.Today the loop and stick are often made of metal and are called a toggle clasp. C., threading and subsequently knotting a cord or ribbon through rings fitted at each terminal of a necklace became the main form of fastening.This is a clasp you have to try out over and over in front of your eyes to get the feeling for it in your fingertips.

Being round or almost, rings and bracelets are further linked by symbolism.In most cases expensive clasps are fitted at necklaces made of expensive materials like pearls and precious stones.This gives you an indication of the materials used, but be aware of its deceptive effect like their use with false pearls. In case the push-pin is hard to move, you can lubricate the mechanism by putting a very small amount of oil, on the tip of a tooth pick, around it and open and close the clasp several times, like lubricating a door-hinge. The modern lobster claw clasp is a variation of the spring ring.A heartfelt gift that is sure to be cherished, this personalized baby footprint pendant is a delightful memento any Mom will adore.You choose the colorful bezel-set simulated birthstone for this 10K gold pendant, then add baby's name, up to eight characters in length, and birth date (00-00-00) engraved in in a stylized font.

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This type of fastening remained fashionable even until the end of the 18th century.

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