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How did your parents initially feel about you doing the reality show?

KC: My parents are divorced and I was living with my dad at the time.

It wasn't necessarily an exact line as what to say on Laguna Beach. After Season 2 of Laguna Beach, Lauren, of course, went on to star in her own spin-off series The Hills that you eventually starred in.

It was more just "talk about this." Whereas in The Hills, they would text us exactly what to say. Did MTV ever approach you to star in your own spin-off before you signed on to do The Hills?

My dad was very excited about me doing Laguna Beach and he thought it was a great opportunity.

My mom, however, living in Chicago, was a little nervous. I think there was a point in my life where I wasn't even allowed to watch MTV! Unfortunately, I don't talk to Jessica, although I've gotten updates from friends.

So then we'd go back and film prom as though it didn't happen yet or we'd film it as though it just had happened. Do you feel any responsibility for the drama Speidi caused on the show? Brody and I introduced them and we had no idea what it would turn into. If you don't take them too seriously and you can just laugh with them, I think it's great.Were your dads friends while you and Lauren were rivals?KC: My dad and Lauren's dad worked together and they were friendly.They definitely went to dinner a few times and stuff, which is sort of funny that we had this big feud.You were 17 years old when you signed on to do Laguna Beach.

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