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All the issues of a periodical that precede the current issue, usually bound in annual volumes or converted to microfilm or microfiche to conserve space.

In the catalog record, the extent of the back file is indicated in the holdings statement.

Also spelled A printed, engraved, or photographic device in plastic, metal, paper, or cloth indicating support of a cause, signifying membership or achievement in a group or society, or verifying identity, usually intended to be worn visibly on the person and often preserved as memorabilia (, badges are cataloged as graphic materials.

Also, a removable name tag worn by a library employee who works in public services, identifying the wearer to library patrons.

For reasons of personal safety, some staff members wish to avoid public display of their real name.

Badges are also worn at library conferences to identify attendees, by name and institution, to other participants.

In a more general sense, any strategy designed to be implemented if a preferred method or system fails.

To see examples for various countries, try a keywords search on the phrase "internet and backbone" in To make a document or transaction effective from a date earlier than its actual date, for example, a book order given a prior date with the publisher's permission, to allow the purchaser to qualify for an expired discount.A jobber in the business of supplying books, videocassettes, and music materials to retailers and libraries, usually at a discount, and of providing value added and customized services to meet the needs of libraries of all types.B&T products and services are listed and described in its trade catalogs. In budgeting, to keep expenditures in line with income, usually for the duration of a fixed accounting period.Synonymous in the UK with A commercial company in the business of supplying noncurrent volumes and issues of serial publications to libraries and other institutions, usually to replace missing items or fill gaps in the library's holdings of a particular title (In bookbinding, the central portion of the covering material, extending from the front joint to the back joint over the inlay separating the boards, stamped with the spine title and the author's name in most editions. In data processing, to make a second copy of an important data file in case the original is lost, damaged, or destroyed.Also refers to computer files, equipment, and procedures created and maintained specifically for use in the event of loss or failure of normal systems.

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