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The historical accounts will be appreciated by anyone who (apparently, unlike most of Athens’s contemporary anarchists) is interested in anarchist history.Most readers, however (including the ones visiting this site), will be primarily interested in the portrayal of the current anarchist milieu.Their passion for fucking is obvious in both modern and vintage scenes."Fortunately, Diddy auditioned, which isn’t something he needed to do. It might not be a coincidence that “the world’s most militant anarchist and anti-authoritarian movement” (p.1) seemed unable to decidedly intervene “in the midst of a profound economic, social and political crisis” (p. But it is exactly the ability to decidedly intervene in such a crisis that reveals a movement’s revolutionary potential.But it seems important to stress that the ways in which collective identities form don’t say much about the political values and principles involved.I feel that Apoifis could have explored this in more depth.

This doesn’t mean to liken these groups to the anarchists of Athens.

Personally, I might have preferred a stricter distinction between the chapters satisfying academic requirements, the historical accounts, and the personal reports from the ground, but these decisions are hard to make.

The methodological and sociological discussions will be of most interest to academics of relevant fields.

July 4th, the night before a referendum asked the Greek people to decide how far their debt-ridden government should accommodate the demands of its main creditors—the “troika” of the European Union, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund—Yanis Varoufakis, the country’s minister of finance, sat outdoors at an Athens restaurant, wearing a T-shirt with an outline of Texas on the front.

In January, Varoufakis, an economist who had been teaching at the University of Texas at Austin, abruptly entered Greek politics, becoming the public face of the country’s defiant negotiations with European leaders.

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In the introduction to the book, Apoifis admits that he struggled to bring these different parts together.

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