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Then X thought X'd write for the school news'aper* X tried that# and didn't make it# and again X thought it waa because X was from Kansas* They didn't take me into any fraternities and X knew why: X was from Kansas* Then X began thinkings . Kayba K a n sa n s have other qualities that I don't have* Kayba X don't have to ba so ashamed of XSnsas* Haybe X can begin to aaa some good in Kansas* Xn fact, I*m kind of proud of F^nisaa* 1 told myself that there were many good things about Kansas, things that these jokers at college don t know— they are just ignorant. They said, “Well, you kn^ he is proud of Kansas, and maybe he*s got something.*' 1 said, “What other state in the nation is right sqwe in the mlddlet Ho other sute but ours.

And I got to thinking of Kansas at a di^;tance and reosmbered it as rather beautiful. Kaybc this poor, ridiculous place I eaoe from is better than I thou^t. It is the same distance west of the ocean as it is east of the Pacific, and the same distance north and south to another country.

VARIOUS OTHER SPEAKERS REPRESENTING FEDERAL PROGRAMS URGED COOPERATION AND PATIENCE IN ESTABLISHING PROGRAMS FOR INDIANS.You need to keep abreaat of thia and other pending legialation i^ch affecta Indiana « becauae aooe day you will have to handle the prdblema which auch lawa create* Ibe aeven billa of Senator Ervin are Senate Billa 961 to 967* They involve lionatitutional rigbta of Indiana* We have diacuaaed theae with Yueblo leadera, who approve only one of the aevto* : I Then there ia to the preaent Congreaa Bouae Reaolution 80, which authortoea the Comaittee on Interior and Inaular Affaire to oaka toveatigati^ and studies^ but oore apecifically to Include theae wattara within ita juriadictloni •*(a) The adminiatratlon of Indian affaire by agenciea of the Government parti- cipating thereto, the prograaa and policiea of those agenciea, the adequacy of exiating indicn legialation, and the effectiveneaa with idileh it ia being ad- stoiatered and with which noneya available to carry out ita purpoaea are being uaed; (b) the seleaae of Indian tribea and banda from Federal auperviaion, I preparation therefor, and the effecta thereof; (c) the availability to Indiana [ of health, education and welfare aervicea and the extent to which they are re- \ ceiving the toll benefit of Federal prograna in theae arena; (d) the utiltoa- tlcn of tribal land and other reaourcea, with particular attention to the me^a i of developing the akill and attitudea required for auch utilization; (e and the atudy and analycia of treatiea and other written agreementa between recog- nised Indian tribea, nationa, or banda and the United States*" Indian leadera, at least among the Pueblos, are inclined^ to be touchy about the prospects of Congress looking into the **utllisatlon” of their lands* They are touchy about anything having to do with their lands or that seems to preaent a threat of premature termination of Federal services* House Resolu- tion 80 will seem to acme quite constructive and innocent of destructive Intent, while to others it will appear to contain a threat to tribal existence* But the question la, are you concerned about it? Houever* it eona to that as yet;, the transition is aost aarkad at Window Rock* But you will see changes at l^una Pueblo* idiere there is a aodem electronics plant* at Bulce* whero the Jlcarilla Arches have established a laatharcraft industry and a sawmill* ^you will sea it at tha new sanaill on tha Havajo Resarvati OT* in housing developments hare and there* and at Msscalero* idiieh has the first Indian-owned ski resort* You will sea it in the increasing number of pickups instead of wagons and teams* in the increasing mnnber of babies that survive their first year* the decrease of blindness due to trachoma* the appalling and heartbreaking incr Mse in the use of liquor* and the number graduating from high school* vocational school and collage* Was it better in the old days?One day* when one of the Pueblo governors was in the office I asked this question* He said* **Yes*** We got to talking about other things* and later on in our conversation the subject of irrigation was brought up* and he told me about the difficulty he used to have in getting water on his fields* **We had to walk four miles to let the water into the main ditch* and then four miles back to the pueblo to get it onto our land; but now we have an electric puoq;* and all we have to do is turn it on*” I said* "Governor* which was better* the old days or the new?(JS) Av : S ' ” Irt ' r't'^ * ^ , t X * - :^v 8im ANNUAL AMERICAN INDIAN EDUCATION (KWFERENCE Theae Utt of E^eotioiml Wtapont in tlie War on Poverty Sponaorad By Indian Education Baa eareh Canter Collage of Education Ariaona State Vniveraity Tcnpe» Ariaona and Baifa«Chindi Anerican Indian Club Ariaona State Univeralty March 12*13» 1965 U. DEPARIMEMI OF HEALTH, CDUCAIIOM & WELFARE OFFICE OF EDUCATIOH THIS DOCUMENT HAS BEEN REPRODUCED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED FROM THE PERSON OR 0R6ANIZATI0N 0RI6INATIN6 IT.POINTS OF VIEW OR OPINIONS ; STATED DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT OFFICIAL OFFICE OF EDUCATION ^ POSITION OR POLICY.

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He determined to obtain the beat education poaalble, ao he went to the achoola he conaidered the beat, both pre-med and medicalo Thla made it all the harder, becauae he waa not a brilliant atudent.

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