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This form of perception and analysis is at once tedious, open to mistaken assumptions, and easily formulated in software logic.

Counting and inspection are soon automated into TCPA, Safety Depth, Cross Track Distance, minimum depth, position offset, etc.

Longer term ‘When’ questions, for purposes of noting trends and updates, require some form of record keeping, such as memory aids.

Accordingly, training is particularly challenged by developing the feel of the internal clock, the physicality of speed, the meaning of real-time, and the awareness of the age of data.

Likewise, a visual contact on the edge of visibility was crossed-checked for range on radar as a significant factor in asking many questions: Is our present speed safe? Now in that future, we are in the midst of discovering a deeper impulse: To be glad to go off watch, not unlike the all-too-common event of a ship’s bridge team relieved to hand over full navigational control to the just-embarked pilot. If you are rooted in a sophisticated cockpit, then your physical motion is confined.

Controlling the ship is not overly complex, until the contexts of confined and dynamic waters no matter how familiar raises the risks to levels nearly unmanageable by humans. This makes your full perception far more deliberate.

Description: INTERNATIONAL HYDROGRAPHIC ORGANIZATION Facts about Electronic Charts and Carriage Requirements IHO Publication S-66 – Edition 1.0.0 January 2010 Published by the International Hydrographic B...

Asking ‘when’ is particularly elusive, partly because marking elapsed time is subconscious, and is highly vulnerable to distraction.The Navigational Question must accommodate the health, idiosyncrasies, and criticality of systems.This inevitably comes at the sacrifice of time spent physically dwelling in the midst of external cues. When will the unfolding workload exceed my capacity? At present, there are multiple tracking devices, and still we have the visual prerogative, most of the time.School Vessels are used to train officers in navigation. The vessels are 22 meters long and 11 meters wide and can carry 50 fully equipped soldiers.In response to the growing demand in ECDIS Training and in order to contribute to the knowledge improvement on ECDIS use, Transas Marine has published an ECDIS Workbook which can be used together with the Transas ECDIS demo software, both available for free download from the company’s website.

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