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I just wanted his approval.” ‘Anxious, depressed, exhausted’ Things began to turn from bad to worse during Clemens’ senior year of high school.Baker would threaten to kill himself, or threaten Clemens with comments like “I will bury you! “I was anxious and depressed and exhausted in my senior year,” Clemens said.“There’s no books written from the point of view of the survivor” of teacher sexual abuse, Clemens told EAGnews.“Invisible Target” is “sort of a memoir, but it’s also sort of a ‘how to’ about what to look for” in the tendencies and grooming practices of pedophile educators, Clemens said. “A lot of times it’s the invisible ones they prey upon.” Andrea’s story Clemens first met Robert Baker as a student at Norwood Junior High South in Norwood, Massachusetts in the early 1980s.Eight months later she received a call from a police detective who told her Baker was under arrest for the statutory rape of two 14-year-old students, and he asked for her help. I have to live with that, that I didn’t come forward sooner” to prevent further abuse, Clemens said, adding that Baker had convinced her over the years she would be held equally responsible for their inappropriate relationship.“I was about 36 at the time and I felt like I was in trouble.” When Clemens gave her statement to police, the officers were amazed.“When I was 14, when he started grooming me, my parents were divorced and I didn’t have a father at home,” Clemens said, adding that she later realized her situation likely made her an “invisible target.” Baker would routinely take students to amusement parks or other events, but he spent hours on the phone with Clemens in the evening throughout her 9 grade year.

“I knew I had to do my part in case he did it again.” The principal asked a lot of questions, and assured Clemens he would forward her statement to the district’s new superintendent.

Baker, who was married, was Clemens’ science teacher in 9 grade, her last year of junior high, and the two quickly developed a personal connection.

The popular and charismatic teacher spent a lot of time with students, but took a special interest in Clemens with lunch meetings in his classroom and rides home from school.

Clemens bonded with Baker’s two other victims and the girls leaned on each other to heal from their traumatic experiences.

But the tumultuous ordeal, and realization that she wasn’t alone, also motivated Clemens to speak out against educator sexual abuse of students by sharing her story through public seminars, school visits, television appearances and her website – Andrea Speaks

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