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For more information about authentication methods, see Plan authentication methods (Windows Share Point Services).

If you are using a load balancer or a reverse proxy, make sure that your internal URLs are updated in alternate access mappings to reflect the new IIS bindings.

For more information about unextending a Web application, see Unextend a Web application (Windows Share Point Services).

For more information about alternate access mappings, see Plan alternate access mappings (Windows Share Point Services).

I went to create a new site for comparison using the ASP. One variance I made was to point to the Ajax Control in the Ajax Control Toolkit (after compiling the solution).

NET AJAX Web Site template as described in the 'Using a sample extender' but the template was not listed for creating a new project. Are there required dependancies (images, css, etc) in the Sample Web Site directory.

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In addition, you need to update your load balancer rules, or your reverse proxy rules, to align with the new IIS bindings.

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