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Jimmy Kemmel took the opportunity to ask few questions related to Piggy Chop’s Met Gala outfit and the ‘Quantico’ actress replied in the most interesting way. Priyanka replied, “We were both wearing Ralph Lauren and so we decided to go together. She looked elegant as she exited the studio in the semi-sheer backless outfit.At the Met Gala event, Priyanka Chopra walked the red carpet with Nick Jonas and their joint appearance made Jimmy Kimmel to quiz a very personal question to Priyanka. It was fun.” Kimmel seems not too impressed with the thought but could only say ‘Interesting’ in a way which means, “I don’t buy this.” Priyanka further added, “I didn’t ask his age. Apart from Met Gala outfit, Priyanka also discussed about her Hollywood debut, ‘Baywatch’ that will see her as the antagonist Victoria Leeds."Yes, you are very distracting, indeed," he added as he slipped his hand in hers.When they got to school they were still holding hands.

"I'm yours."She looked up from her books, feeling rather embarrassed about her outburst. Just then he took her hand and it calmed her nerves. I would miss it if you never called me that," he whispered in her ear."And while it's far, at least it's better than Sweden."Suddenly Cindy wasn't listening anymore. Jimmy was going to Oxford to study Engineering Science, and Cindy was going to New York to study Theater. It had been easy to pretend all that this meant was he was giving her rides to school this way.Her mother would have a cow if she found out that she had been dating Jimmy behind her back for the past two months.She hopped in and Jimmy turned started his car."So what did you think of our history assignment?""Pfft," she responded as she resumed eating her apple and turned up the heat."Oh Cindy, don't be upset, I didn't think it was a good idea for us to do our project together, you're very distracting you know." She scowled at him, and for a moment he took his eyes off completely off the road and looked her straight in the eyes.

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